The photographic images that I choose to explore with encaustics are extracted from moments that I've captured during my travels and everyday life.

The addition of molten wax layers work to metamorphosize the image's original mood and brings forth a new life and story.

The subject of my images may come from an entire frame or may end up being  a very small subset or focal point of an image in which I choose to expose.

Encaustic painting has been an entirely new and challenging direction from photography since painting with wax forces you to give in and lose control.

As photographers, we're trained to work on an image until it's perfected.  We adjust the exposure, fix the color balance and also ensure that the image is sharp so all of the necessary details are related to the viewer.

In one brush stroke, the wax takes all of that perfection away but in turn creates an even more appealing effect by transforming the image into a textured piece of artwork with qualities similar to an oil painting.

Today's curiosity and movement towards wax in art is in part due to our attraction to its organic properties.

We are ever so fascinated with nature and our place within it.